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Lata Mangeshkar, Queen of Melody, turns 89 today!


“Meri awaaz hipehchaan hai

Gar yaad rahe…”

Her calm, composed face, her Monalisa like half-smile, gentle manners draped in a crisp white cotton saree and an enchanting voice — Lata ji is the Goddess of music. 

Songs dripping with extra melody, delightfully high notes, skilled dialect, and verve– Indians have hummed Lata ji’s songs for over five decades! Her every word conveys exact emotions, probably more but nothing less. 

She has always carried grace at every step, there’ve been no rumors about her. Addicted to simplicity, she is an epitome of beauty and melody.

It would be better to listen to the songs listed below, for a true Indian can never miss the nightingale’s voice!

Lata Mangeshkar songs

Lata Mangeshkar songs

Lata Mangeshkar songs

Lata Mangeshkar songs

Lata Mangeshkar songs

Dreaming of miracles and, turning them into reality is a huge challenge. And such life experiences can either break you or make you.

For Lata ji, her struggles only crafted her. Like a smooth, incredible singing sculpture, we witnessed another magic!

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