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When the world was questioning the identity of LGBTQ, they were already soaring high proving stereotypes wrong


The Supreme Court won laurels from all over the nation for it’s historic decision of decriminalizing Section 377. When people were questioning the identity of LGBTQ community, law reminded people that fundamental rights to life are equal for all. The society had since ages neglected the LGBTQ community not just on their gender but also questioned their abilities to be successful. The verdict by Supreme Court is just the beginning of the formation of a society where everyone is equally treated. Amidst all these things, there have been people who have set an example by achieving laurels, proving the society wrong. Their stories are less heard for people feel they aren’t that extraordinary. Their efforts are not praised for nobody ever believed in their uniqueness. Fighting all stereotypes, these people have set examples of successful endeavors. Their name will be etched in the history of people who redefined life.

Joyita Mondal


After a struggle of many years, she won over the feudal society system by registering her name as the First Transgender Judge in India. Her persona has been exemplary and her work speaks for her identity. She is appointed in the category of learned judges at a government deemed civil court, West Bengal. She proved that success comes with dedication and not gender.

Hrishi Sathawane and Vinh


When in 2017 theSupreme Court was preparing to reconsider Section 377, the First Gay Marriage in India took place at Yavatmal, Maharashtra. An IIT graduate HrishiSathawane and his partner Vinh tied the knot with all rituals in front of their families. Also, they decided to adopt children to complete their happy life.

Gauri Sawant


Who wasn’t inspired by this wonderful personality when she came on Kaun Banega Crorepati, Season 9 ? Her story and life has been an asset to the society and the LGBTQ community. She became the First Transgender person to file a petition in the Supreme Court of India for adoption rights of transgender people. Founder of the SakshiChar Chowhi Trust, she promotes safe sex and counsels transgender people. She has adopted a daughter named Gayatri and wishes to start an old age home NanikaGharwhere old transgender people can look after the children of sex-workers. Her efforts are truly extraordinary and heartwarming.

Sonal Giani


She is known for her commendable efforts in highlighting lesbian and bi-sexualwomen issues and also empowering LGBTQ youth. She is a powerful vocal activist and an actress. She is the founder of India’ largest LGBTQ initiatives, Umang and Yaariyan in Mumbai. Her television series Connected Hum Tum portrays her struggles as an Indian bi-sexual woman.

Laxmi Narayan Tripathi


She is not only a transgender activist but also a beautiful Bharatnatyam dancer. She has faced many struggles during her childhood including sexual harassment. She was the in the Founding Member team of the Dai Welfare Society and has launched the Indian Super Queen Beauty Pageant in 2010 that has been a complete success. While other beauty pageants are beauty based, she has made this one slightly different by her optimistic approach.

Many other people like Vikram Seth (the author of A Suitable Boy), Manvendra Singh Gohil, Ashok Row Kavi ( Journalist and founder of Humsafar Trust) and many more have fought battles of life and proved to be victorious. Their determination to fight the world is worth appreciation. The society had never accepted them but they broke all stereotypes. Nobody ever realizes how difficult it is to fight with the society and come out glorious. These people are inspirations for the generations to come and have proved that they are as human as everyone else. They proved that excellent work speaks boldly and they are no less talented. They proved that they aren’t unnatural but the children of God, his creation like every other human being. Somewhere up there, God must have cried out of happiness to see his most cherished creations making their own path and identity.

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