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LGBTQ Literature Festival: There’s so much more to the LGBTQ identity than pride.


“Thousands offered their love on her face,
But with someone else’s name, it was laced.
The world was unknown to the existence of such love,
Until upon its burned surface, two girls paced.”

When the news on scraped parts of Section 377 broke out, it was instantly welcomed with cheers in India. Since then, so many pride parades, open-mic sessions, public debates and discussion and what not have been carried out. I guess the Indian audience is not as blunt as it was about a decade ago. This year, an even more remarkable event is scheduled for our LGBTQ community – the LGBTQ Literature Festival on this 8th and 9th February.
Dedicated to art, music, film and culture, critics claim that this fest will be one of its kind in the entire South Asia.

Let us dive into some highlights this show will offer:-







This fest is a momentous occasion and the LGBTQ community will turn our Lucknow into a mecca of creativity. So visit the fest whose splendid vibe is spread all across the air of the city.

Wordhazard is the official outreach partner of AQLF this year. Stay connected to our Instagram page for more details.

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