Love, Life And Logic As Explained By Ankaj Giri

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Certain words have magic that takes you back in the other time. They remind you of love, your past, and your struggles.

Let’s know something about him:

Our internet generation is obsessed with the idea of peace and solace which you can find in the poetries of Ankaj Giri, an accidental writer.

His work flaunts graciously his love for the village and working towards it prosperity.

A Sales Manager by profession, Ankaj Giri is the writer and admin of Emotionally Yours. He has a varied scape of writing with a huge and authentic fan base.

He portrays his words in such a fine way that every reader can relate to it and feel like it is written just for him/her.

When I first read his thoughts, I was wooed by his choice of words

His poetry speaks of the fire that rages inside him against the increasing and alarming rate of crime towards women.

Ankaj has thought of a change which he wishes to make through his write-ups.

His certain blunt work will make you forget your third world problems.

This country lad is all rooted in his village and wants to widen the horizon for his folks there.

In many of his write-ups, one can feel the serendipity of the village life.

A lesser known fact about Ankaj is that his inspiration comes from ‘cupcake’.

This love inspired him to begin his journey as a writer.

His simplicity can be seen in his words.

Ankaj is a regular guy who respects women and thinks to re-create the best of old school romance which is fading in the modern day society.

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