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Manish Tyagi : Commander turned comedian in Lucknow! Book your date.

Manish Tyagi : Commander turned comedian in Lucknow! Book your date. • Wordhazard • Manish Tyagi 1

“98% people in the world live in a box. Only 2% of people have the courage to get out of that box and start doing things differently. I think if today I’m standing here, I took the courage of standing out of the box and doing things differently otherwise I would not have been here.”

-Manish Tyagi


Manish Tyagi should make ‘Looks can be deceptive’ his bonafide tagline. From what we have gathered, the man is a king among men. He is funny, he is peppy, with his puns on the top charts, and at times even seductive. He is setting some serious, ‘pun-ny’ life-goals at the age of 51 for the age of 51!

Punchliners is bringing Manish Tyagi to our Lucknow this 16th November. Make time for a ‘pun-ride’ down the scholarly lanes with this gentleman!

Manish Tyagi in his early days


Like all the beginners, he had a fair amount of his own battles. While his friends got into IITs and top-notch universities, he struggled and then got into an NIT. He did acquire a handful degree in engineering and management but decided to serve the nation wholly. He became a commissioned naval officer and served for 23 years in the Indian Navy before retiring in 2012 as commander.

Even during his tenure, his colleagues remembered him as ‘Funny Bones’. So he gave his funny-punny side a chance to revive the comedian within.

Inspiring? Check!

A tour through Manish Tyagi ‘s comic streams


Lucknow, remember the date – 16th November it is! Book your tickets on BookMyShow or Insider

Come and laugh your heart out, maybe grab a few lessons from the commander turned comedian.

Live. Laugh. Love.

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