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MIRZAPUR: A web series that kept the viewers on the edge.

MIRZAPUR: A web series that kept the viewers on the edge. • Wordhazard • mirzapur 1

Today when it comes to entertainment, people want things to fascinate them right from the first look. Be it web series, music or movie trailers, they need to be extraordinary to attract the audience. The audience is more open towards their choices and is ready to watch bold, straight forward series with immense drama.
Keeping these elements in mind, Karan Anshuman and Gurmmeet Singh introduced to the audience Mirzapur: a web series that made people go crazy with its bold dialogues and authentic drama. People were eager to see what’s going to happen the very next moment. It was purely raw and as rough as it could have been and each actor portrayed his character with utmost uniqueness. The web series emerged as a solid hit among the people and now they are eagerly waiting for season 2. The dialogues have taken over the market and everyone is heard speaking those quirky lines. It has been a trendsetter and let’s see which characters have made it so :

1) Guddu & Bablu Pandit


Although the series has no hero if there was something called Anti-hero, then these two would definitely be awarded that honor. One with a tall muscular physique, always ready to take a bullet on the chest and the other is an innocent looking lad with the most devastating mind. This duo has redefined the meaning of love, trust, and brotherhood. Coming from a middle-class family and entering into the dark world of gangsters has been the top of the ice for their journey. Constantly supporting each other at every step, this combo of muscle & mind was really appreciated by the audience. Some dialogues like “Peeche se join kara rahe the Shukla or upper se ma ki gali bhi diye ab uss samay unko dekhte ya aap k protocol follow karte tho thok diye” are still very famous among the people and are in trending on social media.

2) Akandanand Tripathi (Kalin Bhaiya)


The role of Kalin Bhaiya has been portrayed by the legendary actor, Pankaj Tripathi. Kalin Bhaiya the “Bahubali” (Supreme power) of Mirzapur who does the illegal business of weapons and drugs is the one with a sharp mind. He doesn’t believe in the policy of shooting down people but rather plays politics at every stage. He believes that if you give respect to someone who never expects it, you can use that person to the fullest. One of the most amazing dialogues of his is “log izzat nahi karte, darte hai humse or darr ki ek hi dikkat hai ki kabhi bhi khatam ho sakta hai”. Pankaj Tripathi has nailed his performance with straight forward dialogues and humor.

3) Munna Bhaiya


A rich, spoiled brat, he always wishes to rule Mirzapur on gunpoint. His sole wish has been to take over his father’s (Kalin Bhaiya) business anyhow and for that he even tries to kill him. He is also envious of the two brothers Guddu & Bablu because they were the one who engaged in the fight with him but in return were offered a job in the business of Kalin Bhaiya. Munna Bhaiya emerged victorious when the business was handed
over to him by his father. He immediately killed Bablu Pandit and broke the undying bond of the two brothers. In this game of power and evil, he also
killed the girl “Sweety” whom he loved as he realized that she was pregnant.

4) Gajgamini Gupta (Golu)

Gajgamini-Gupta-(Golu)-MirzapurA girl with innocent looks and bold personality, she is the perfect beauty with brains. Her character is portrayed as a topper at college who stood up for the elections against Munna Bhaiya and wins it skillfully. Shewta Tripathi has portrayed her character and slayed it with her amazing performance. The aura of being strong and bold enough to face Munna Bhaiya makes her a favorite character for the audience.

5) Satendra Tripathi, Beena Tripathi


He’s the father of Kalin Bhaiya who had his special appearances and has yet won hearts extraordinarily. He’s a witty man always busy watching the wildlife shows which are totally relatable from the current situation of the episodes.


Beena Tripathi, the wife of Kalin Bhaiya is portrayed as a seductive lady who has unsatisfied desires and seeks satisfaction in her servant. Her appearances have surely made the audience go crazy about the web series.

This series is full of drama, action, physical desires, and an absolutely bold approach. The dialogues are crispy, the characters are unique in their own way and everything has turned up in favor of the series. It has created a buzz amongst people and season 2 is awaited by all. For anyone who has watched Mirzapur, it is surely a treat for a lifetime.

Written by: Shivansh Mehrotra

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