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“Dhoni finishes off in style, it’s India who lifts the world cup after 28 years. The party starts in the dressing room and it’s an Indian Captian who has been absolutely magnificent in the night of the final”

These words of Ravi Shastri still reverberate in the ears of every Indian. One can never forget that night of 2nd April when Mahi hit the ball out of the stadium that went beyond sight. It gave India the gift that we all have been waiting for since 1983, it gave us the World Cup trophy.


After winning the 1983 world cup it took 28 long years to get win it again but after 2011 it felt like India is going to dominate world cricket. In the “ICC champions trophy” 2013, India won every single match and the dominance of the team was such that they didn’t even lose the warm-up games. After 2 years, the stage was set for the World Cup 2015 and India became the defending champions this season. They won all seven matches but ended up losing the semi-final and they were out of the race for the finals.


The aura of Indian cricket was increasing like a taxi meter and India became No. 1 in test matches at the start of 2017. MS Dhoni quit the captaincy and Virat Kohli took the charge thereafter. Under his dedicated leadership and Dhoni’s support, the team won many series in and outside the subcontinent. According to every ex-cricketer, this Indian team was the fittest of all the previous teams not only in India but on the world level as well.


India introduced the Yo-yo test which was the basic test that each member had to pass if they wanted to be a part of the team. With such revolutionary fitness changes, many senior cricketers had to take a tough call in their career because fitness was now a necessity. Many young talents made their way to the middle order and got the center stage in the team. They performed exceptionally well and players like Yuzvendra Chahal, Kuldeep Yadav, Jasprit Bumrah etc came in and registered some astonishing performance statistics, making their place in the team.


Now it’s 2019 and India has won the series against Australia and New Zealand. Indian team has emerged as the strongest contender for the world cup 2019. With the enthusiastic captain like Virat Kohli and a genius has acquired many trophies in his cabinet: MS Dhoni, this is the winning leadership combination for the team. There is also huge speculation that this might be the last world cup of Dhoni and so Virat and Company would surely want to bid a nice farewell to the Kohinoor diamond of world cricket. Well, it cannot be judged if India will definitely win the World Cup 2019 but this team is the most dangerous and destructive team of all times. Terrific fast bowlers, amazing spinners, experienced batsmen, fit fielders and the man behind the wickets who is the ultimate genius, MS Dhoni. We wish team India all the very best for the World Cup 2k19 and hope to see Virat Kohli lift the cup from the balcony of the Mecca of cricket: Lords Stadium.

Written by: Shivansh Mehrotra

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