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Modern fashion is against morality


The fashion trends have been changing consistently for many years now, ironically affecting the morality of the society. Little have we realized but the fact that anything and everything is appropriate to wear is not always true. There is a word called modesty and then another one comfort that defines fashion, for both men and women. There was a time when fashion was reflected through simplicity and elegance. Gradually as the trends are changing, fashion can be categorized as : the lesser clothes, the more publicity and success. An unfortunate truth is that today, even a magazine sells only when it has an extremely bold model on it’s cover edition. If take a road to the memory lane, there was a time when boys and girls knew what would suit their personality. They knew that even a knee length skirt would not make them look shabby or old fashioned. They knew traditional clothes will only enhance their looks and not make them feel backward. That was their comfort and even today it has the same essence. The only difference is that people have tagged those fashion styles as old fashioned.

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While we have begun to adopt the western outlook of fashion, the foreign countries are still interested in the traditional 90’s fashion. Today, all of that has diminished and modern fashion standards have put at stake the morality. Indeed, everyone has the right to wear what they want but that inner feeling of knowing what is actually right to wear has diminished. Today, wearing just a sari has become so modern it might not seem a sari at times. The culture of short clothes was still okay but the scenario of negligible clothes, with your private parts or undergarments visible is not fashion but lack of ethical understanding. Modern fashion is clearly lack of ethics and a bag full of unnecessary flaunting of yourself. Which fashion book mentions that you are fashionable only when you wear really less clothes ?

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The scenarios have so badly changed that the concept of traditional photography and traditional models/bloggers have become almost extinct. 75% fashion bloggers today have their photoshoots in just modern fashion. Showing off their curves in the minimum clothes possible is what gets them likes, followers and comments. They might be really good people at heart but unfortunately they are those who have accepted these modern fashion trends. They realize that they can be successful only when they do bold shoots and nothing less than that. Hardly any blogger with a traditional style will get that famous. Well, that’s the hard reality : models and photographs sell only when something or almost everything is visible. That’s the irony of the entire scenario. Morality is put at stake for there is nothing to hide anymore. You have reached the point where you don’t wonder how your parents might feel about these modern fashion trends overtaking your mind. Thinking about the society is never done but putting at stake your integrity in the name of fashion is absolutely unacceptable. Even if it’s a part of your work, it should not become a protocol to adopt modern fashion to get successful. Unfortunately, it has become a protocol that you get famous only when you have fashion that is against morality. I am not against freedom to wear but why is it that the success rate in the fashion industry is based on irrelevant concepts of style ? Just my opinion, yours can definitely be different !

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