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OBOR: When intolerance percolates in the air, all the birds in the sky are endangered !


Somebody has rightly said,

“The world is divided not by its diversity, rather by the military.”

In this growing, developing era, the raging economic tensions between different countries is genuine. These tensions are surfaced more when two rapidly growing economies compete. The issue of Doklam is just another step taken by China.

Before this issue China blocked access to Mount Kailash, a momentous pilgrimage site for the Hindus from Nathu La Pass. China is also investing money on Pakistan occupied Kashmir (POK) for development , thereby supporting Pakistan. Furthermore, China is instigating internal tensions inside India by funding Maoist from Arunachal Pradesh. Hence, we can say that China wants India to be occupied with wars with its neighbours, internal security issues, etc so that Indian economy rate would get a huge blow.


The One Belt One Road (OBOR) economic corridor created by China which connects almost all the Asian countries has been accepted by Nepal too. Only India and Bhutan oppose it. India shares approximately 3500 km border with China where extreme border tension is prevalent. The major reason for the military standoff is India preventing China to construct its OBOR road in Doklam area. Doklam is a quite sensitive area as it centres the tri-junction of India-Bhutan-China. It is a disputed land which is monitored by Thimpu but China wants to capture it.

doklam plateau

If China succeeds in getting Doklam plateau into its territory, then China would get access to Siliguri and could cut the ties of the North-East from remaining India. Therefore, Indian army has to be strong enough to prevent any loss of its territory.
If such territorial disputes keep on arising, then it could even lead to war. Such was the case seen in the previous two World Wars where colonial disputes were a major factor for the formation of Axis powers and Central powers. In fact, the latest statement of China on small-scale military operations could be just to instigate and draw media attention or could be a real war. Such violent and deceptive actions are completely against Buddhism and its ideologies, Buddhism being the widely spread religion in China. However, we can say that today’s world follow the traces of Globalization, modernisation and industrialisation where least attention is paid to Human Values.

Day-by-day these values are approaching degradation and soon, will be extinct. Countries with their mean politicians are more concerned about winning territories with no heed of the life and property lost in that process.

Hence, nations with ancient civilizations of Hwang Ho Valley and Indus Valley civilisations should once again join hands and work together, helping each other to prosper rather than preventing each other’s growth.
In fact, war is just a short term solution to a long term problem. So let peace prevail, which very wisely Indian leaders are trying to propagate by various International Conferences and Meetings.

Together India and China can curb world problems like terrorism, provide food and security to poverty led countries and make a better place for one and all.

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