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Times are changing and so are commitments : SP, BSP share the stage with their old enemies, Congress.





It was very thoughtfully quoted by Mr. Franklin D Roosevelt, “ In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.

Politics in India since 2014 has changed its face and existence. After the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, India has witnessed a single party rule with BJP acquiring almost all states and at the same time crushing its opposition. BJP very silently worked for the economy and development of the country and won many hearts.
Even if they faced criticism for Demonetization or GST, people slowly realized its worth. Also, they realized that the world tours of the honorable Prime Minister were not just visits but a strong future building ideology.
Irrespective of all that was carelessly spoken by the other parties, they had their focus on India and its people.

To our surprise, a few days back the Karnataka elections took a drastic turn when the oath taking ceremony of the Congress Chief Minister saw BSP leader Mayawati all smiles and hugs with Sonia Gandhi. We also saw SP leader Akhilesh Yadav and Rahul Gandhi sharing moments. Well now that was something that were a bit shocking but also cleared the view that politics in India is basically Dirty Politics.

SP, BSP and Congress in the past few years have always blamed each other publicly. But just because Mr. Narendra Modi is coming up as the best One Man Army, the parties are losing their opportunities to earn money. Power and money that was once more important for the parties who were enemies, today share the stage to defeat a man who is probably doing better to the country.

If I look back to certain cases, there are many statements passed by these SP, BSP and Congress against each other. Before any explanations, let’s see what these statements are :

It was in January 2017, when Akhilesh Yadav remarked Mayawati by saying, “ How could we have given her so much space? She literally takes so much space. Even her party symbol is that of an elephant.”

Again in 2017, Akhilesh Yadav targeted BSP by calling it “Patthar Wali Sarkar” who did nothing but install stone memorials and parks.
rahul akhilesh wordhazard
In 2017, during an election rally in Unnao Akhilesh Yadav accused BSP as a party that cannot be trusted for it may join hands with BJP after elections. Mulayam Singh Yadav had clearly said, “Congress has ruined my political career. A case was filed against me during their rule. I will never support Congress.” Well today, his son is there shaking hands with the same party. In 2012, Mayawati targeted Rahul Gandhi and Congress for they didn’t utter
a word of condolence for BSP founder Kanshi Ram. How could she even expect a mourning day? Well, the rivalry was so clearly portrayed.

If we go in the past and check records, these three parties who shared the stage to defeat Mr. Narendra Modi were staunch enemies among themselves.  They had always blamed and character assassinated each other. But then, this a reminder that politics is a bad vibes. For today, when the economy and foreign relations of India are improving, all these parties collaborate for the sake of power.
Isn’t this a clear sign that all they care about is power and heavy bank accounts and not the welfare of the country? For if they really cared, they could have appreciated the efforts of BJP. If not appreciate, they could have put up a respectable, healthy opposition. But here, all of them have put at stake their words and respect. When they can’t stick to their words now, how will they fulfill promises made to the people? The answer lies within you.
Either trust BJP and its long-term policies or trust these parties and experience long-term difficulties.

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Are POCSO act and the ordinance, serious step or another politically driven decision taken in haste ?

Aishwarya Bhat




POSCO act, the protection of children from sexual offences act(2012) was formed to protect children from sexual abuses. Yes people, ironically “to protect”. The act seemingly has fallen prey to the deaf, dumb, corrupt society in India.

What now makes the news are the few amendments proposed in the form of ordinance, by our
recent government.
Also Read: The country couldn’t even get over the Unnao Rape Case, and Asifa left everybody dumbstruck, leaving us with a brutal humanity.

It clearly states:

  • In case of RAPE of a girl below the age of 12, the punishment will be death penalty, life imprisonment or a minimum imprisonment of 20 years.
  • In case of gang-rape of a girl below the age of 16, the punishment will be imprisonment for the rest of life.
  • In case of rape of a girl above the age of 16, the punishment will be imprisonment for 20 years (earlier 10 years) which is extendable for rest of life.
  • In case of rape of a woman, the least punishment has been provided to be 10 years (earlier 7 years) which is extendable to life imprisonment.
  • Investigation and trial of all cases of rape are to be completed within 2 month.

With all the above few mentioned points , the action is truly welcomed and appreciated.

BUT! A question that is constantly distracting my mind is, how can one categorize the penalty for a gruesome incident like RAPE on the basis of the age of the victim. Will a 13 year old feel less than what the poor 12 year soul is going through? Why is the extent of damage thought of as another criteria for deciding the term of punishment? Can anyone ever really understand what mental damage the victim and family goes through Is this a real serious step ?or just another politically driven decision taken in haste? Who shall be answerable when a death penalty will be inapplicable if the victim is 12 years and 2 month old? Will this be really effective in bringing about the change which we Homo sapiens are wishing to see in this era?


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Shri Ramswaroop Memorial University organizes an exciting E-SUMMIT for young entrepreneurs you surely won’t want to miss !!




When it comes to showcasing bold, stimulating entrepreneurs who intent new shots at investment, partnership and collaboration, the only junction that does them justice is the E-Summit. The summit primarily aims at illuminating the concept of entrepreneurship, inspiring people to develop skills to find new, easy ways to overcome problems. They are able to discuss more insubordinate issues which aren’t easily governed or managed.

The E-Summit at Ramswaroop Memorial University, Lucknow will be a 2-day fest at 20th and 21st April, 2018. It will circumspect a range of workshops, panels, fierce talks, face off competitions and sessions.
The opportunities to gain skills and connections through participation is paramount.

Let us see what this E-summit will offer.


This is the heart of the summit. Some of the leading business tycoons and chief executives of various organisations share their proficiency and experiences. The journey from rags to riches is all about escapades they didn’t refrain from executing.

Speaker Sessions

Specially designed sessions where prominent speakers deliver sermons in a specific time slot. The
industry leaders talk on their areas of expertise. Motivational enough?


The rivalry is at the highest pitch when participants have been lectured and motivated at talks and sessions. These competitions help the participants to analyze their implicit capabilities. The winners receive all sorts of awards and recognition, but what one mainly gains is the determination to meet goals.


The sole purpose of a workshop is to demonstrate practical application of theoretical conceptions. The summit workshops help the students to learn entrepreneurship from basics to expertise. It also works the other way around. These workshops help the entrepreneurs to promote their business or develop them by initiative and efforts with less assistance.

Panel Discussions

A panel is most influential entrepreneurs and speakers discuss the trending business topics and challenges faced in growth stage of companies. The panel tries to meet these challenges by identifying potential weapons to combat such situations.

There are many new antivirus at each E-summit that help the audience to gain entrepreneurial skills and mindset. For Elon Mask quotes,

Starting and growing a business is as much about the innovation, drive and determination of the people behind it as the product they sell.

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Art & History






The 69th Republic Day of India is around the corner and here we are thinking about what kind of patriotism we cherish. India is a country of vast cultures, traditions, religions and a glorious history. Our country has witnessed a struggling past with people fighting for complete freedom. India is usually termed as a place where martyrs like Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Subhash Chandra Bose, Bhagat Singh were born to glorify the nation. Little do we realize, behind every successful man there is an even stronger woman with a realistic approach. There have been women freedom fighters whose contribution to the freedom struggle has been magnificent. Unfortunately, these women have lost their identity in the pages of history amidst the men who took the limelight. This Republic Day, let’s celebrate the courage of those women who never failed to fight for the nation.


She was a 22-year-old lady who fulfilled her responsibility both as the country’s daughter and the mother to her son. She was the symbol of heroism, courage and leadership during the Sepoy Mutiny of 1857. Fearlessly, she fought the Britishers in the battlefield till her last breath.

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The lady who conquered the throne of Awadh, becoming the reason why people began toprotest the East India Company. She is said to be the sole reason whose courage led the British out of Awadh.


She is remembered as one of the first freedom activists in India who was fearless and courageous. She led an armed rebellion against the British rule, losing her life during the struggle.


The founder of the Home Rule Society, she was known as one of the greatest women in the history of India. She dreamt of an Independent India where she herself designed the flag. She became the first ever Indian woman to hoist the Indian Freedom Struggle flag in Germany.


A woman who did not fear the dark closed walls of a prison, even the negativity of that place didn’t scare her. Other than participating in the freedom struggle, she also held a hunger strike for proper treatment of political prisoners.


Married at the age of 8, she left her family to become the first female criminal lawyer of India. She ignited the feeling of nationalism in people, started educational programs and practiced rehabilitation of needy women children.


A lady who during the Quit India Movement 1942 started an underground secret radio station in India. The sole motive of this radio was to transfer important messages of Gandhi from jail directly to the public. She also faced an imprisonment of four years for this act but did not give up in front of the British power.

It is beautifully quoted by Eleanor Roosevelt, “A woman is like a tea bag- you can’t tell how strong she is until you out her in hot water.” The ignited fire for complete independence was burning within every citizen of the country. Where the men led every movement, people must realize that there were these women who became the real heroes. They came up with courage, bypassing the barriers of gender, fighting like a warrior till the end. Their names might not be prevalent, but their souls surely remain to beautify the history of this country named, India.


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Times are changing and so are commitments : SP, BSP share the stage with their old enemies, Congress.

It was very thoughtfully quoted by Mr. Franklin D Roosevelt, “ In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens,...