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This is how you describe Ranveer Singh: “Enveloped under the sigh of the Horizon, I fly high more than your persuasion”

This is how you describe Ranveer Singh: "Enveloped under the sigh of the Horizon, I fly high more than your persuasion” • Wordhazard • Ranveer Singh 1

Diligence! Devotion! Delectation! Who says merciful dreams can’t be true? The delirium and ecstasy of life and the paragon of beliefs are the two phases. Yet! No matter what struggle pays the result off. The way he deals with the cheerful eminence of majesty, the executant artiste and above all the tag bestowed as “The Best Performer”, ‘RANVEER SINGH IS A TRUE ENTERTAINER’.

The journey of this bright and brave trooper is metaphorically scripted as a knight after several wars. The powerhouse and an energy packet of Bollywood, “Ranveer Singh” is a true example to the today’s youth. The perfect acting, deep-portrayal performance, dancer and an exemplary stager, he has crafted charm to the audiences.

The enthusiasm in being thespian autographs his never-ending spirit and dedication towards his work. Starting from ‘BAND BAJA BARAT’ to ‘SIMMBA’ he is beautifully adored for his blockbusters given to the box office. An entertainer from the first sight since his entry in Bollywood, Ranveer has an eye-catching personality. The endurance and hard work in everything he does has been his success. Triumph kisses his soul after the result of his passionate diligent towards his work.

The grace and glory of an amusing actor and executant entertainer are mugged down as follows.

The Blooming Younger Ranveer Singh to Flourishing Man he is now.


“I groomed myself as an actor, coz’ I enjoyed acting”. Ranveer’s words inspire and echo the hardwork and dedication. There are times when everything is at the downfall. The thinking might lead you to depression or to some trauma. This is the main phase in a human’s life to get a turning point. “Everything was so bleak, I thought whether what I am doing is right or wrong but I did”. The man stands before us now, the shooting star.


His first movie ‘Band Baja Barat’ was a super hit at the box office; the young Ranveer came into the game and is playing till now and shall end his breath at this game. ‘Simmba’ in 2018 proved Ranveer as the best actor and entertainer today. His grasping journey is more entertaining.

Packet of Magnificent Multi-talents.


The charisma and enchanting enigma, Ranveer proves himself as the multi-talented actor. He protects the integrity of his actions and is never a choice maker. He respects the art and blazens the fire of talents into it. His love for cinema makes him not only a good actor but also the dancer, comedian, and performer and last but not least, a devoted man.

The Magnificent role as a Hero to the Efficient Performer in Reality Shows.


This entertainment packet is not only the actor with the witty mindset but also convey the purity of an entertainer. From Filmfare awards dance performance to comedy show entertainment, Ranveer proves himself in every field.

Success in his Mid golden era to the present projects.


As the flower blooms slowly and steadily, so does Ranveer. His stunning performances in Gunday, Ramleela, and Bajirao Mastani, prove him as one of the best leading actor and enchanting entertainer. His two successful projects in 2018 Padmavat and Simmba takes the Bollywood to the cloud nine.

“TRUE ENTERTAINER” is the main agenda on which Ranveer Sing Focuses.


The best actor is one who brings the smile on the face of his audience. Ranveer Singh not only focuses on the smile but also broods up stomach aching laughs. The Hello Hall of Fame Awards 2018 gave Ranveer the best entertainer award. The Bollywood Filmfare Awards also declared him as the best actor and entertainer.

“What he does, turns into the best!” The lovely past, the shining present and the upcoming future will remark : “RANVEER SINGH is and will be the best entertainer”.

Because of his swords up all the emotions as Bajirao and entertain every heart as a Super Simmba.

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