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RAW, and what if you come to know about some real, unknown facts about it?!!

RAW, and what if you come to know about some real, unknown facts about it?!! • Wordhazard • RAW 1

Tales of many countless sung and unsung heroes have already flooded the Indian history. Behind every such hero lies the secret of that one particular institution, that carves the best out of them. And to name one, RAW can never be missed. Research and Analysis Wing, an organization of Indian Defence, has given us those valuable gems, for which we all are indebted!

So, below are some interesting and lesser-known facts about RAW Agency.

1-RAW was established on the 21st of September, 1968, in response to the Sino-Indian war.


Prior to 1968, Intelligence Bureau (IB) used to be in operation for different types of intelligence services. But during the Indo-Sino war of 1962 and the Indo-Pak war of 1965, it was witnessed that the IB is not much effective and hence the then Prime Minister of Indian, Indira Gandhi took a step to enhance the security and intelligence measures. The establishment of Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) was the resultant.

2-The 1971 Indian Airlines Hijacking Was Pre-Planned By RAW Agency.


The Indian Airlines hijacking of aircraft Ganga back 1971, was in fact, a strategic move by RAW that subsequently gave India a reason to retaliate by banning flights by Pakistani aircraft. This  later had significant impact on troop movement by Pakistani forces into East Pakistan in ‘71

Al-Fatah, a Pakistan-sponsored terrorist organisation, had a few of its members receive training by the Pakistan government in order to hijack an Indian Airlines plane. The organisation sent, Hashim Qureshi to complete the job, which later resulted in him being arrested by the BSF.

RAW then persuaded Qureshi to work for them, gave him a plastic toy pistol and toy grenade, and asked him to carry on with the mission. The flight would be an old decommissioned plane called Ganga, and the mission would result in no lives lost but an upper hand gained by the Indian government by proving the Pakistani government’s involvement in the Indian Airline hijacking.

3-RAW played a vital role in the creation of Bangladesh, 1971


RAW played an important role in supporting Bangladeshi Guerilla organisation ‘Mukti Bahini’, and providing them with training, intelligence and ammunition. RAW also disrupted Pakistani army’s movement in East Pakistan. Its para-millitary wing, Special Frontier Force supported in Bangladesh Independence Movement operations. The end result was the successful creation of Bangladesh.

4-Operation Kahuta – RAW’s most daring operation which was eventually botched due to a silly mistake


The site of Pakistan’s main nuclear weapons laboratory, Kahuta, is also the site to one of RAW’s most daring operations ever. Operation Kahuta was started with the purpose of infiltrating Pakistan’s nuclear energy installations. The operation was botched when the  Prime minister Mr. Morarji Desai inadvertently informed Pakistan’s then President Zia-Ul-Haq, that India knew about Pakistan’s nuclear program. As a result, Pakistan traced all the sources of RAW in Kahuta and many RAW agents were killed.

5-Ravindra Kaushik ‘The Black Tiger’ Is One Of The Most Famous RAW Agents


Ravindra Kaushik was a famous theatre artist in his earlier days. He was spotted by RAW officials during one of his dramatic meets and was offered the job of an undercover agent. In 1975, he was sent to Pakistan where he managed to join Pakistani army and rose to the rank of ‘Major’. Kaushik was instrumental in saving thousands of Indian lives and gave valuable information to the Indian Intelligence Agencies. He has conferred the title of ‘Black Tiger’ by RAW.

6-Operation Smiling Buddha- Successfully kept India’s first nuclear test a secret


RAW played a key role in maintaining the secrecy of the first nuclear test by India in 1974. It was in fact, a secret mission that even the Intelligence Agencies of countries like China and USA were unaware of any such in India.

7-RAW is an independent wing.


RAW is actually not an Agency, but technically a Wing. This means that the Intelligence service is not answerable to any government body. Except directly to the Prime Minister and the Joint Intelligence Committee. The information of RAW is excluded from the RTI Act (Right To Information) as well. The head of RAW is designated “Secretary (Research)” in the Cabinet Secretariat and is under the direct command of the Prime Minister.

This is just some of the information which has been declassified and readily available, there so much about these secret warriors that we don’t even know. I just feel safe & proud knowing that these silent guardians are protecting our country. Jai Hind!

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