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”Tears welling down the eyes as tge blind society cried harder.
The pain of being abandoned was never more dangerous.”

Bewildering suspense and revelation beautifully created by ‘Brian Yorskey’ is based on the scripted, heart-throb novel by Jay Asher.
An impressive debut about friendship, sexuality and honesty tremendously remark the epitome of secrets. The TV series does not glamour up suicide. It clearly portrays the pain, mess, sufferings and even rape that the youth is facing.
The stealthy hit with staying power cue the main characters Hannah Baker, a strong dame and Clay Jensen.
Personified California nights cried aloud , but there was no one to listen , when she was alive.
Reasons were dark and rumors even darker.

● Death

13 REASONS WHY-wordhazard
The aroma of death starts as the cassette echos with the Hannah’s voice.
The thrilling suspense and the secrets behind her death or rather, her murder. Yes! the murder of those young positive desires. Clay, one of the main character who is listening the cassette gets a message worth living for. ‘ Life is more fragile and complicated than it actually is!’

● Guilt and Blame

13 REASONS WHY-wordhazard
Inner inspiration endures the guilty behaviour everywhere in the ‘Thirteen Reasons why’. Hannah wanted people to learn from their Guilt and never repeat those in future. She blamed herself for not saving Jessica from rape . This broken trust on herself drives her to the edge of death.

● Respect and Reputation

13 REASONS WHY-wordhazard
Respect is the condiment to any relationship. Hannah was the clear cult victim of the pragmatic rumors. The hideous and repulsive games brought into action by the 13 villains dropped down her reputation. She was only left for the target everywhere. Believe in the rumors but never spread the rumors.

● Betrayal

13 REASONS WHY-wordhazard
“Loyalty is a promise we make within ourselves.” This TV series lacks loyalty.

Be it her friends or family, everyone betrayed her everywhere. But, most of them she betrayed herself. The person(Bryce) who raped Jessica, had an intercourse woh Hannah. “Self betrayal was more harmful”. She takes her own life because she wasn’t loyal to herself.

● Sex and Violence

13 REASONS WHY-wordhazard
And often how to gain respect when violence is pampering the sex? The widespread rumour of calling Hannah Baker a ‘Slut’ stands as a blocking stone in her sexual life. The old negative experiences stood as a wall of hindrance in her reputation.

● Choices and Love

13 REASONS WHY-wordhazard
‘Love for lust ended up friendships’. 13 Reasons Why is an anti-romantic series. But, in the case of Clay, the rumors hindered her to even start their loyal love story. Committing suicide was her own action. Decisions play the pun role. They were both good and bad. She ended up with the bad one.

The melodramatic series captures the ‘Lusty-Love ending friendship.’ The suspense in cassette opens the eyes of the betrayed people. These tapes are the message to save the future for the living. The girl quotes , " ‘Thirteen Reasons why’ made her life more strong and wonderful." What can an awesome comment other than this be?

To get indulge in those suspense and secrets , you need to watch the 13 episodes.The thriller rage shall create a mystery in your life. We can’t rewind the past , we can’t stop the future , only way to learn the secret is to read this blog at present.

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