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7 Reasons why you must have a “LAKHNAVI” friend

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Not everyone who comes and goes in your life can give you the company of what Jai and Veeru portrayed in Sholay.  Although the Lakhnavis will leave your heart soft for sure.

Here are 7 reasons why you must have a “LAKHNAVI” friend:-

They’re hardly angry!

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But that doesn’t mean you can take them for granted. Having a LAKHNAVI homie rewards you with calm temper and wise jokes which are hardly seen in that quantity anywhere else. Time to call’em boys home for a party eh!

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A friend in need & you know it!


“Man I need help can you…..” before you get a chance to ask the whole question you’ll be bombarded by a series of CIA type questions “how much do you want?”, “are you hurt?” “should I all my boys man?” and the list goes on until you pick one entry from the list. Doctor doctor everywhere – Once they’ll hear an “ouch” from your mouth “man apply this”, “man apply that it’ll help”, you’ll see a plethora of doctors roaming right beside you at all times.

More of ahem!

One of the most salient features of a LAKHNAVI friend is his/her suggestion about the boy/girl you’re having a crush upon. Well, not everyone is just as good as a homie saying “man she’s good for ya”.

Birthday pain!

While you’ll be busy planning your day on buying gifts and spending time with your…….well, your LAKHNAVI friend will be polishing off the edges of his/her slippers just to gift you the most painful present. And I guess you know where it’ll hurt!

Time to call your parents

Only hostellers know the pain of not enjoying night outs but don’t worry, your friend will become the father over your warden’s call back at home. This brought tears………….literally!

MATTER management

Finally, the best part of having a LAKHNAVI friend is the capability of fending off the unwanted people off your turf. Fret not, this ain’t a gang war but who knows. Danger doesn’t give you a warning call. Just a ring to your wingman can call an army of the people you’ve never met, just to save you. DEUS EX STUFF!

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