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Sneak peek into the royal life.

Sneak peek into the royal life. • Wordhazard • royal 1

What do you think about the grandeur of the ROYAL life? For sure, hearing this might give you those weird collywobbles. And why shouldn’t it? ROYAL word itself is so royal that imagining such life in 21st century might be like a dream coming true. Now the question is, what and how does it feel to be royal?

Here are few points and a sneak peek into the British royal life, talks about which are already a buzz in the town.

Teenage Romance

Yes, teenage romance was quite prevalent in the royal life. Prince Charles met Princess Diana (his first wife) when he was just 16 years old. And, their love is known to blossom since then! In real, the Prince was earlier dating Princess Diana’s elder sister lady Sarah.

No paperwork, No license !

Queen Elizabeth II does not need any license to drive the car. Amusing isn’t ?

No fear of getting busted by the traffic police, no traffic invoice or receipts or summons. Ain’t it an advantage? Eh!

Queen and the Prince cousins?

elizabeth and her husaband
Yes! Queen Elizabeth II married her third cousin, they both share the same great grand parents.

Doting mum!

Princess Diana, when learnt that her son Williams had a crush on Cindy Crawford when he was a teenager, invited her to join them for tea at the Palace. Royal life you call it! Imagine your crush being invited at your place by your mom! Heebie-jeebies? Already?

Kate Middleton

This amiable person carries an impeccable and dynamic personality, and knows the perfect sense of fashion. She has been selected twice as one of the most influential personalities of the world by Times magazine.

World War II affected the royal wedding!

Queen Elizabeth’s wedding gown had to be funded during war times. Hence, collecting clothing coupons was opted as a measure. Peculiar isn’t? Royals had to face money crunch!

Facts are endless and so is the royalty, class and luxury and why shouldn’t it be? After all, that is what we call fairy tale adventures. And it would not be wrong if applied for Megan Markle and Kate Middleton.

Just keep hopes and fingers crossed. Who knows you might be among the next royals!

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