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Sahir Ludhianvi through the lens of time.

Yashdeep Bajpai




Born Abdul Hayee

The People’s Poet, the most prolific lyricist and poet India had ever seen — Sahir Ludhianvi stole every heart. Be it Main Zindagi Ka Saath or Saathi haath badhana, or his Aye Meri Zoharjabin , every Bollywood fan knows him, adores him.


Born on 8th March 1921 in Karimpura, Sahir had quite a troubled childhood, his mother separated herself from his father and they suffered financial deprivation.Later on as a college student, Sahir was popular for his ghazals, nazms and passionate speeches.

Sahir in Partition

In 1943, Sahir settled in Lahore.He completed his first published work in Urdu Talkhiyaan. Some time later he got mixed up in a controversy resulting in a warrant issued in his name.

In 1949 he fled Pakistan to live in Delhi.After 8 weeks he moved to Bombay started living in Andheri with Gulzar and Krishan Chander as his neighbours.

Later on he built a bungalow named Parchaiyaan after one of his works and lived here till his death.

The unfulfilled Love of Sahir and Amrita

In 1944, Sahir met Amritaji at a mushaira in the village of Preet Nagar. He was all idealistic and intense. She looked striking in her beauty and words.

It all started as the cliché Bollywood romance story, their eyes met in that dimly lit room, but what followed was anything but conventional.
She was married to Pritam Singh, though the marriage was unhappy.

Their relationship began with courtship of words in letters, she called him “Mera Shayar”,”Mera Mehboob”,”Mera Devta”.
In his book A People’s Poet , Akshay Manwani discloses that Pritamji convinced Sahir to lose his single status, he even once told his mother it was Amrita Pritam that could have been her Bahu.

But Sahir never did really commit himself to her. It was a relationship that had letters, secret meetings and courtships.
Pritamji had fallen headlong into love with Ludhianvi. She even went to the extent of smoking the stubs left after his chain smoking spree to feel the feel of his parted mouth.

In her own Autobiography Rasidi Ticket, she makes no attempts to hide her love for Sahir. He shimmers through and through across her poetry.

But he was not so sure about their love, nonetheless he wrote some striking works where Amrita resonated. Romance was secondary in his life but he always did have a compelling attraction towards her.

He wrote one song “Mehfil se uth jaane waalo” inspired by their unfulfilled love.
Actually this was inspired or brutally brought out of him when he saw Pritam ji with another man Imroz, this artist and poet was a long standing partner of Amrita Pritam and when they visited Sahir in Mumbai in 1964, this utterance poured forth

“Mehfil se uth jaane walo,
Tum logo par kya ilzam
Tum aabad gharo ke vasi
Main awaara aur badnaam.”
The final yet unfinished fallout with Amrita ji occurred when he was captivated by the singer Sudha Malhotra in 1960.
Though he lovedthe idea of falling in love with woman, his reluctance to be openly in love with them was attributed to his childhood with a very dominant forc. His mother who suffered a lot to protect him led him to his obsession with his mother.

The love and regard he had for his mother was boundless. He unable to transfer such affection to any other woman except Amrita.

It was apparent to media outside that they had moved on but an excerpt from his biography says otherwise. A Punjabi composer Jaidev visit Ludhianvi in the 1970s, he saw a really dirty tea cup and asked him to clean it, to which Sahir replied, “Don’t you dare touch it, Amrita drank tea out of it the last time she was here.”
Such was their complicated yet endearing relationship.

It wasn’t a normal happy ending kind of love story, it was taboo considering those times, but it had it’s chastity. Their innocent pure love in it’s silence and letters, despite the unfulfillment of it, and the secrecy which it was wrapped in, still lives on in our minds.

The Last Call

He died on October 25,1980.
He described his legacy as

“Kal aur aayenge nagmon ki
Khilti kaliyan chun-ne wale
Mujhse behtar kehne wale
Tumse behtar sun-ne wale
Kal koi mujhko yaad kare
Kyun koi mujhko yaad kare
Masroof zamana mere liye
Kyun waqt apna barbad kare”

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Art & History

Sahir Ludhianvi’s magic is not one can escape from!




“Even in deep secrets, even in darkest night,
I’ll be as noticeable as a star shining bright.
If losing heart is what’s called love,
I’ll master the art with pride.”
A wizard of words, Sahir Ludhianvi has countless verses to his credit. His songs date back to 1949, but still serve as lyrical medicine of a lifeless soul.
So let us indulge in some intoxication that Sahir ji has left behind through his words.

Sahir Ludhianvi wordhazard
Sahir Ludhianvi wordhazard
Sahir Ludhianvi wordhazard
Sahir Ludhianvi wordhazard
Sahir Ludhianvi wordhazard
Sahir Ludhianvi wordhazard
Sahir Ludhianvi wordhazard
Sahir Ludhianvi wordhazard
Sahir Ludhianvi wordhazard
Sahir Ludhianvi wordhazard
Sahir Ludhianvi wordhazard

Design by: Karan

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Films & Culture

Raazi Review: Some thriller creates suspense and what if this espionage is about PATRIOTISM?

Ameesha Saxena




‘A strong woman stands for Herself,

A stronger woman stands for her Family,

A Strongest woman stands for her Country.’

Some captured moments cannot be just judged by awards, they stay unsaid, unpicked and unheard

This Meghna Gulzar movie ‘Raazi’ is an epitome recon of surveillance and intelligence. The thriller blends over the flashback history of Indo-Pakistan war in 1971 of a Kashmiri spy married to a Pakistani Army officer. The mirth and bombarded in the movie shakes up the heads of society. The movie is the adaption of ‘ Harinder Sikka’s ‘ novel “Calling Sehmat”. The bravery and the triumph  of this Kashmiri girl is heart-throbbing.


The Emotional Wit

Raazi paradigms of faith and the enshrining spirits of bravery links its wit with the emotional connect. The war pace tears in the eyes of each woman.


Kashmir’s Valour

Kashmir, our very own Kashmir, which of late has been unfortunately labelled with unrest and unattached with the rest of the country, can produce acts of valour, as depicted from the trailer of Raazi.


The Prodigious Role of Alia

The movie has smashed the amazeballs on YouTube and every news scripts. The  phenomenal woman empowerment graced the double role of the golden woman. The mindful cognizance of a ‘spy’ to protect her country to indulge herself in danger is explicitly shown in the appalling role of a ‘Pakistani wife’ who sacrifices her life to protect many lives.


The sacrifice for nation

The spirit of patriotism develops from the first cry for its motherland. Such sacrifice for nation is a blessing . ‘Serving the nation comes first until you die’. This proud sentiment leads up the head to the happiness of seventh stage.


Some wonders are just astonishing when they stay unsaid. All the spirits and winning doesn’t need the medals, for the highest award and reward is raw and wild patriotism. Yes, it’s just sacrifices which create beauty in heart — In the hearts of the nation — and develops, nurtures nationalism in the hearts of the viewers.


For ‘Raazi’ ‘Raazi’ ‘Raazi’!


‘You Owe’

‘You Respect’

‘You bleed’

‘In the blood flowing ‘Our Country first’!

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Art & History


Yashdeep Bajpai




“Hot weather opens the skull of a city, exposing its white brain, and its heart of nerves, which sizzle like the wires inside a lightbulb. And there exudes a sour extra-human smell that makes the very stone seem flesh-alive, webbed and pulsing.”

―Truman Capote

That’s raw, right? Stripping us right down to our arteries and sizzling them, well let’s beat the hot BBQ and beat the heat this summer with some cool, really ice-cold adventure hotspots.



Rewalsar wordhazard
This quaint little town in Himachal gets a bit pressed down under the two heavy weights of a hill stations, Manali and Shimla. But, let it amaze you with simplicity and coolness of the Gaia’s amazing breeze brushing gently past the tall trees, stroll down the lanes,visit the scenic lake, hike up and enjoy the sights and cool weather.



Let’s “reclaim” Arunachal this Summer from China.Not being easily accessible, it remains an offbeat destination where the temperatures are low during the summer. Getting there itself is quite an adventure.You get to explore a new world, see the Great Himalayas from the Northeastern perspective,breathe the brisk unpolluted refreshing air that reminds us how the Giants look after us.



Who you gonna call ?!


Kurseong is a small spooky hill station 30 km away from Darjeeling and you can reach here by road or via a toy train. The ghostbusters mobile might not make it up the hills. Some legends suggest that it is “The Haunted” Dow Hill. Grab your salt and iron this beat the heat and hunt some ghosts.



You can easily ditch Mussoorie for a trip to this place. Once a summer retreat for the British Raj, this serene hill station offers a stunning panoramic view of some of nature’s delights.It offers many trekking trails and a huge forest cover makes it a nature lover and a bird watcher’s delight as well.


Tirthan Valley

Located at a distance of just over 500km from the National Capital, this place is hidden within the depths of Kullu’s towering mountains.A much needed respite from the maddening crowds, you’ll find here in, peace, in the lush green mountains and the snow-capped peaks and the babbling Tirthan River.You can either pitch your tents and camp or stay in one of the homestays at the banks of the river and fish for some trout.


Douse the fire within, let it be covered with cool waves of bliss by visiting these places and be the adventure man you dreamt of and heave a cool breath and “Let the Summer begin.”

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Sahir Ludhianvi’s magic is not one can escape from!

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