So here is a list of 2019 book recommendations by Wordhazard authors :

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If you don’t read, then what do you even do? Reading fills up the space in our minds that we often call ‘loneliness’. You need to get over your solitude, you need to read and reminisce.


How difficult is it to survive when you are alone?
This is Christie’s one of the best masterpieces and observation.
United we stand, united we fall. This phrase contradicts the real suspense of this majesty.
Counting one by one there left none, oh! How this can happen?
The situations, the semantics, the screenshot of life describes the myth.
This novel depicts the ten locus how to face the danger of the tantrums that the mind vocals upon.
Read this super suspense trigger and don’t forget to rhyme, COUNTING DOWN ONE BY ONE…….


“Philosophy is deep enough to enlighten the faith to deal with!”
The ideology of the Shiva Trilogy by the Amish Tripathi is a page turner in this era and the mythology of the India Valley Civilization.
The crisis and culmination that the Meluha dynasty faced are reflected in this ideology.
The philosophy of the evil turned into the praises of the man who turned into God, none other than Lord Shiva.
The plight began on the holy drying of the river Saraswati which roared the danger signal.
On the other hand the Chandravanshis joined the forces of the Nagas and the empire was in threat.
‘Prayings and pleading, synch of life to wars and bleeding. End all evils and give us pace. Save thy lord with all the virtues and grace’.
Pick up the novel and trust me you’ll read it twice!
‘Om Namaha Shivaya’

The Hunchback of Notre Dame -Victor Hugo

Quasimodo, a misshaped bell-ringer in Notre Dame, breaks free from his self-imposed daze and stands up to his authoritarian guardian in a bid to help Esmeralda, a gypsy girl. Victor Hugo, in his Gothic masterpiece, created a never-before-seen Parisian setting where the City of love spurs an unlikely romance.
A delving 15th century Europe and understanding what true love is and re-reading the Princess and the frog is a delight that will bring you to cherish the bonds of love.

My Hanuman Chalisa -Devdutt Pattanaik

Acclaimed mythologist Devdutt Pattanaik reflects on the most popular prayer hymn to the unique Monkey God. He demystifies the Chalisa for the contemporary readers. His unique approach makes the ancient hymn by venerable Tulasi Dasa more accessible in English, combined as it is with his trademark illustrations. And forty of them!
Fresh energy, positivity and a way through the tumultuous life is what is the Chalisa. This book brings to you to an understanding of the Lord in an even more easily understandable form. We hear, we read and we roar the Chalisa.

Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy -Douglas Adams

‘A towel, [The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy] says, it’s about the most massively useful thing an interstellar hitchhiker can have.’

When Elon Musk named it one of those books everyone should read, this genius work by Douglas Adams shot to limelight again.
This humorous science fiction where literally the most improbable things can happen is a geek’s paradise.
It begins with the end of Earth which Arthur Dent and Ford Perfect barely escape thus, embarking on the most bizarre journey of their and your life. There is no way escaping Adam’s surreal universe on this journey so gather around for a supremely brilliant ride and don’t forget your towels!

Lady, You’re Not a Man: Adventures of a Woman at Work -Apoorva Purohit

Never before has an author made you feel so relieved to be a woman. This eulogy to the unsung heroes makes you realize how astonishingly similar is the life of CEO to a regular working woman. Chasing deadlines, training interns (and husbands), managing bosses and in-laws, battling the guilt of not dedicating enough time to your family, scurrying off when duty calls only to return to a messy home, Apoorva Purohit ‘holds up a mirror’ to the modern day woman without glorifying them but simply making them realize they’re different from men. But our difference is good!

Floating Petals -Leela Devi Panikar

She is blessed with the art of knitting short stories that give you pleasure in reading right away!!
Detailed scenes that create the perfect setting in both the plot and the readers’ mind, Floating petals is a collection of short stories that have an Indian background. Each story truly evokes nearly all possible senses. That’s a gem of a talent and an important ingredient the author and the book possess immensely.

If I Stay -Gayle Forman

Just as the title sounds, once if you start reading this, it will STAY! The books indeed promises little smiles, tears, understanding, love and teaches a lot about life. The characters definitely capture your heart! It haunts as well as makes you love it for some reasons, apparently Gayle Forman magic! 😉

A Thousand Splendid Suns -Khalid Hosseini

Khalid Hosseini is the God of tears I swear! The Kite Runner was an internationally acclaimed cry book of the year and then came A Thousand Splendid Suns! This is a book so well-written that your brain will play a video for every sentence.
The pain as never written before, the despair that can’t be helped, the need to dominate are some turning points covered here. Read and enrich your soul.

Looking For Alaska – John Green

For a John Green book, you need a cup of coffee, a puzzle mind that you need to clear, a box of tissues or maybe ten boxes, and necessarily a diary to note the best things from the book.
A teenage romance may sound so immature to an adult. Now, welcome John Green, the king of teen romance novels. Or maybe a few but its okay, as long as we get insights from this man’s ink, every genre is acceptable. This is a major recommendation to everyone.

For a person who has the ability to read and understand, books are his blessings and library is his happy place.
Read. Enjoy. Stay Happy.

Happy Reading 🙂

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