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Winnie Mandela, most commonly known as the ‘flawed heroine’ of South Africa, died at the age of 81.
Here are some facts you must know about this popular woman.

1.Winnie Mandela was born on September 26th,1936 and named Nomzamo Winifred Zanyiwe Madikizela.

2.Termed as “Mother of the nation”, she was an anti-apartheid icon who constantly supported the black majority. Winnie Mandela was ex-wife of Nelson Mandela. They remained together for 38 years, and later separated due to certain issues.

3. In 1955, she became the country’s first black social worker in a hospital, in Soweto township.
4. She suffered from several harassments, pain and assault in the prison. She eventually emerged as an influential African National Congress figure.

5. She even suffered a house arrest for long years. The struggle which her husband went through in 27 years in prison, gave her strength to fight against the whites.

6. She was found guilty and finned for kidnapping and murder of a youth by her bodyguards.
7. Later, in 1994 she donned the place of the deputy minister of arts,culture,science and tech, in nelson Mandela’s unity government.


President Cyril Ramaphosa on Monday said -“In the face of exploitation, she was a champion of justice and equality.”

Though after few years her reputation became tainted legally as well as politically, yet her steadfast beliefs and good leadership quality made continuously alive in the hearts of millions.

Sometimes a moody writer, sometimes it's all about being invariable. A vicar of my own thoughts, I try to weave memories into strings and gather a garland of words. Writing on social issues is my personal favorite but I also imbibe in the art of poetry. Doodling my way from soil to stars, I sketch sarcasm in the sarcastically possible way! All these amalgamated with my sense of writing provide a fine finish to my artistic skills.

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Ghost stories: All ‘shades’ are not always Grey, some are downright dark!

Ameesha Saxena




“Revenant, Rumours, Reflections scar the blood and breath of the myth hidden”.

All ‘shades’ are not always Grey, some are downright dark. What are these ‘shades’ according to you? The realistic, breathtaking incidents etch chilling folk tales. Yes, ghosts still exist.

The childhood grandma stories created spark and enlightened up the soul. On the other hand, to make us strong and fight from fears, there were some ‘ghost stories’ too.

Watching dim flashlight after the scary nightmares was the only reason to those midnight readings.

Thunderbolt thrilling nights, broken stairs, and stormy winds all enrolled the fearful atmosphere. ‘ I’m following you, I’m with you, I’m behind you, You just need to turn back.

Phantom screamed aloud, the voice echoed through the ears in shock. Some of the nerve-racking and spine-tingling ghost stories depicting eerie, spooky, beauty of fear are here.

The ghost tunnel tales


The village named Kushinagar tackle up the frightening tickles behind the tunnel.

From dawn to dusk, only one train travel through the same tunnel. ‘Tunnel has many traumatic ghost keepers’. The linkage of peepal tree to myths was one of their works. Legend says that killing people each day is a sin but no one noticed the reality behind the myth. The shrilling cry and the sound of ornaments still echo there at 3:33 A.M.

The tunnel keeper once saw the woman with long black hair, soaked in blood and a white fabric saree covering the body. She wanted him to help her to reach her destination. They kept on talking for hours. He felt something was wrong that nights as he noticed her legs.

The red keyhole


On a regular day, Pip went to his music class where he was learning to play the piano. He forgot that a day earlier, it was declared that the classes will remain close that day. Around seven in evening as he was walking down the steps of the house, he heard a melodious voice singing along with the instrumental music. That voice took him to the room which usually remained closed. Through the key hole, he saw a girl, dressed in white, playing the piano and singing. But, the strange thing was, why was the room barred?

Another day after his practice session, he waited till 7 o’clock. Again, the sweet and melodious voice tuned up his ears and he walked up to that room. Again, he peeped through the keyhole he found everything red.

The hidden suspense of the tail lies here. Actually, the girl was looking at him too through the keyhole.

‘The girl had the red eyes’.

The eerie of Chemistry lab


Mr. Vivek (Faculty at Chemistry department) and Aastha (A chemistry honours final year student) had a strong covalent bond between them. The extra classes study and romance in chemistry lab was the only reason for more life after death.

Being a hostler, she was usually the first girl to reach his class. Everything went well until the session that happened in Chemistry lab. The titration was at its level to pale pink. Who would have thought that pale pink colour soon changed to blood red? I’ll really kill you, Aastha — that cunning argument ended on this statement.

Chemistry lab is still closed up to date. It has been 12 days since then, Aastha as usual, enjoys the chemistry lectures.

That night, she had ice cream with Mr. Vivek in her senses. On 13th day, the chemistry lab was open. There, they found the body of Mr. Vivek smelling hard. But, the dilemma was even harder than the smell. With whom was Aastha the 12 days? Was it the wild spirit of Mr. Vivek whose voice always echoed “I’ll really kill you , Aastha”.

His lost drug


It was about a week after the death of his wife. Ravi used to sit beside the window of his house near the Ganga ghat. He heard the sound of the ornaments pulling him down. Due to the continuous rain, the atmosphere near the ghats was shivering creepy. He followed the voice of the ornaments but as he reached downstairs, the sound vanished. He thought that his wife was calling.

Again, the other day, he sat beside the window pane. Again, the sound of the ornaments took up to the banks of the ghats. This time it didn’t stop until Ravi was completely drowned. He saw his wife standing there and calling him out, “Come to my place”. His drug was none other than his dead wife.

Hospital Night


My grandmother was admitted in the hospital due to cardinal issues. Doctor, a day before, declared that she couldn’t walk due to the cardinal shock.  It was 15th of August, a year back. The hospital staff was on a leave. I and my mother remained whole night to take care of her. It was 2 AM and my eyes abruptly opened . Something shocking galloped my head. The door of the hospital room was open and my grandmother wasn’t on her bed. I followed the lane outside the hospital room to find her. My mother was still sleeping.

It was raining hard and the water drops covered the hospital lanes. I found a woman in the similar attire of my grandmother sitting and drinking tea. She offered me the tea to drink. I asked her ‘have you seen a woman of your age? she is missing. She is my grandmother.’ A voice echoed in my ear , “I’m behind you, girl.” As I looked behind I saw no one. The woman sitting beside to me was no more there. The only left was a cup of tea in my shivering hands.


Horrors and suspense, still brain wash our mind. “I’m behind you” in the night to “I’m following you” are still the creepy phrases unnerving the apt.

It excites the situation more. The dream thriller suspense that creates goosebumps are here daunted in the five ghost mysteries.

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This Rakshabandhan, promise your siblings all the love & sunshine…



“It’s a commonly expressed and rather nice, romantic notion that we are all “sisters” and “brothers.”

Let’s be real. Fact is, we might be better served to accept that we are all siblings.

Siblings fight, pull each other’s hair, steal stuff, and accuse each other indiscriminately.

But siblings also know the undeniable fact that they are the same blood, share the same origins, and are family.

Even when they hate each other.

And that tends to put all things in perspective.”

-Vera Nazarian, The Perpetual Calendar of Inspiration

Like honey in water, salt in ‘kheer’, mango and chilies, jelly on cheese, pickle and booze, brother and sister, odd things always come in pair. Things might be rough, days might be tough, but such odd bonds always shine bright. This Rakshabandhan, promise your siblings to shine even brighter for them. That’s it. That’s all the love and promises they need!








Happy Rakshabandhan from team Wordhazard!

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Former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee, the pillar of Indian politics quietly passed away.

Shatakshi Saxena




Atal Bihari Vajpayee: The man who lived life to the fullest, was a great politician, a teacher, a writer, a journalist and above all, a lover of humanity. His charismatic persona seems so fresh even today after his sudden demise. He was not just a politician who reframed Indian politics but was a legend. A legend who lived for people and was settled to spread love and togetherness. Born in 1924, he had witnessed the freedom struggle and the urge to make India the finest country reflected in his actions. He was someone even the opposition respected for his personality. An orator whose words and poetry never failed to strike a chord left silently without uttering a single word.

Atal Ji when spoke, people sat down to listen to the master’s thoughts and philosophies to life. Each of his speech and words still echoes in the ears of every Indian. He was an inspiration, a lively person who never failed to sound exemplary. His words, his thoughts, and his journey will live in each of India’s citizen. His dreams and visions for India will continue to motivate every generation. Let us take a road down the memory lane and realize the greatness of the legend.


It’s difficult to summarize his commendable journey in a few words. His early political career began in 1942 and continued till 1975. It was his skills as an orator and writer when Former Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru predicted that Atal Ji would someday become the Prime Minister of India. He founded and established Bhartiya Janta Party as a National party. He pictured a fearless leader in 1996 upon his appointment as the Prime Minister of India. All his career, he fought for the right. He believed that there are differences in thoughts but there should never be any personal differences. 


It was under his jurisdiction that India performed their second nuclear test series at Pokhran. He did not fear the international powers and their pressure, for his first priority always remained India. It was under his jurisdiction that the Indian Army fearlessly fought Pakistan and won the Kargil War. Nothing feared him when it was about the betterment and safety of India. He was not a BJP leader but, the leader above all politics, for he truly served the nation.



The words “jhoojne ka mera iraada na tha, mod par milege iska waada na tha” still echo and motivate us. Atal ji wrote poetry about life, death, philosophy, happiness, love and what not! His poetry was as deep as an ocean and his words never failed to inspire us. He was a confident orator whose voice reflected the power and injected an energy in every citizen of India. He always had even the opposition hearing him silently for he always spoke beyond politics. If you ever heard him, his poems and voice always left everybody dumbstruck for the depth of his thoughts.



Atal Ji and LK Advani Ji were known as the Ram-Lakshman of Indian politics. They were not just political partners who worked for the growth of BJP but were an example of true friendship. A 65-year-old friendship today saw the loss of Ram. It doesn’t matter that he isn’t physically present today but this friendship will remain eternal in the books of Indian politics. They stood by each other in all the ups and downs and even today LK Advani ji stood beside his best friend. They made the party together, went to the prison together but how unfortunate Advani ji must have felt that he is the one left alone today.



Apart from a politician, he was a very heartwarming person. He was a lover of food, Indian music, and dance and loved to involve with people. He loved to live life, watch movies and always inspire people to stay happy. His persona was so positive that even a sad person ended up smiling. His gift of literature became his strength in politics. He loved to talk and his oration skills were par excellence. He had opposition parties but no one ever hated him. Atal ji was loved by all, for his soul was as pure as his words.  

There are very few people born like Atal Ji. The man who motivated people with his energetic speeches remains eternal. The man whose literature reflected life remains eternal. The man whom everyone loved for his pure soul remains eternal. Today, his eyes maybe shut but his words, charisma, oration, diplomacy, and humanity made him the purest soul ever born.

He was a rare gem awarded with the Bharat Ratna : his space can never be filled. His dreams will continue to inspire the country.

He was a politician but he will always be remembered as a positive, inspiring, poetic, full of life person. He was a rare gem and his space can never be filled. As he has always said :

“Mai jee bhar jeeyamai mann se marun

Laut kar aaungakooch se kyun darun.”


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