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SRK: Ask Me Anything and I will nail it!


The ever-increasing science & tech field has set a new standard for today’s youth. The buzz is never-ending and social media is popularly adopted as the base of the cake! Nonetheless, the effect of social media is such that the more we enroll it, the more we are captivated by it.
One might rarely see someone making plans for trips but look at the frequency of switching online and offline modes! Unconditionally insane.
Well, ever since mass media set foot upon the increasing curve to popularity, INSTAGRAM is plotting all its points towards the asymptote. In other words, Instagram is the new cool!
From the concept of the 24-hour story to cute filters, it is reaching new heights of creativity. The connection along with communication is spreading all over the internet with the followers and the following. And, an exemplary example is the new “Ask Me Anything” feature that Instagram recently updated.
A big salute to the thinkers and developers of this feature because even celebs couldn’t escape its claws!
It has now become the ‘ask me anything’ syndrome where users tell about what’s going on in life or pull out some humor. This feature trolled many big stars and, the most enchanted one is our very own SRK. Alongside his busy shooting schedule, he never misses a chance to catch-up with his fan buddies. And his answers have indeed, left the audience jaw-dropped. Now, this is some serious ‘SRK syndrome’ that no one is willing to cure!
Let’s take a minute to appreciate this man’s brilliance. I’m telling you, this man is truly a work of art.

Some Solicit with the Stager, #AskSRK

The King-size Attitude


Crispy-heartful Conversations




Life goals


Sigma: SRK’s Signature

Friendly Fantasy for Kajol

His heart doesn’t know “Aging”

Salman-Shah Rukh relation: The Brocode

The punning jest


Love and respect for his fans


The widespread symphony is a miracle because of the talks with the ‘Badshah’. What good can a day be for an SRK fan be?
Chirps and chuckles are still tuning. Follow @iamsrk and get a mesmerizing convo.


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