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The 10,000 years ‘Oldest mummy’ has shook the world!


Through the ages, humans have always had a way with the dead. Be it literature, art, philosophy, even science. Tales of the dear departed have always been subjected to immense scrutiny and sometimes controversy. But underneath the layers of mystery lie fascinating revelations which indeed prove to be a juicy opportunity for history fanatics. Here is a treat for all…


In 1940 scientists discovered a peculiar humanoid skeleton which was quite odd for its size and features. But the carbon dating process couldn’t be done back then because duh……it wasn’t even thought of back then. Fast forward to the 90s, a totally different era from what we had seen before, technology was booming at a steady but certain rate. It was at this moment the scientists knew, it was the right time. So began the process of guessing the age of this lifeless skull which sat vaguely on the table.

Speculations were made, calculations were done, experiments were performed. Finally, there came a moment when the scientists jumped with joy like kids. The skull finally had an age, but there was a problem. There weren’t enough birthday candles to be put on the cake for the skull’s age was some 10,600 years old only! Now that’s quite a number one would choose to celebrate an anniversary.

The name


This oldest naturally made mummy’s name is ‘Spirit Cave Mummy’. The spooky name was given to this legendary mummy by the natives of the Great Basin Desert which lies in northwest Nevada. Yeah the same Nevada which is famous for Area 51, scientists have established a clear link of this old mummy with the tribe which goes by the name of ‘Fallon Paiute-Shoshone’.


The Spirit Cave Mummy had a hard time finding it’s final resting place after being excavated in 1940. A decade long legal battle between the scientific community and the native tribe ensued where both the parties wanted the mummy to be placed in their respective places, the scientists wanted the mummy to be placed inside a glass case for a museum, while the tribe wanted the mummy to be buried in the same place from where it was excavated. The decade long legal battle finally came to a standstill when the court decided to rebury the mummy as per the tribe’s wishes.

Tribe of Mummy

The DNA obtained from the mummy will enable the scientists to establish a more detailed relation between the people of the North as well as South America. Some even suggest that this discovery could possibly lead towards knowing the events which followed after the Ice Age of America. Well, who knows what the oldest naturally formed mummy saw and did, but one thing’s for sure. The Spirit Cave Mummy was a man who died in his 40s.

Too soon I guess!!??

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