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The budget 2019 has hit the ball beyond the skies.


While everyone was questioning the authenticity of the BJP government, only a few knew something great was about to come. When the Opposition was busy targeting the BJP government, a box of surprises came packed in the budget 2019 suitcase. With the 2019 Lok Sabha elections ahead it was much anticipated for the present Modi government to come up with something different. The Budget 2019 has not only reached out to people but has become a public budget. With PiyushGoyal (InterimFinance Minister) presenting the budget in the Lok Sabha and the Opposition sitting with blank faces, it seemed like the BJP is again in the lead. It was more like the climax scene of a film where the hero gets back to action. Well in this situation, BJP and Modi Ji was surely the Hero in the Lok Sabha. The Budget has covered almost every section of the society and most importantly the BJP’s fixed vote bank “middle class”. A completely planned political move, Budget 2019 has left the Opposition stunned and the public even more confident about Modi Ji.



People with an annual income up to 5 lakh will get a complete rebate from income tax. This has come as a relief for a majority of the middle class, directly ensuring support for the BJP government.



Farmers will be provided Rs. 6000 annually in three installments, funded by the central government. This step has been seen as a stepping stone for improving the condition of farmers.



The budget for Defense has been increased to more than 3 lakh crore in the Budget 2019. The government clearly portrays, How’s the Josh: High Sir!



The government announced the implementation of a Mega Pension Yojna of 42 crores by the government.



The government has proposed to increase the allocation of India’s Northeast Region to 21%. With elections ahead, BJP has always known that accepting Northeast would lead them towards an assured victory.



The government has announced the 26 weeks maternity leave for women and Pradhan MantriMatritvaYojna for women empowerment. It has targeted the most important part of a woman’s life, trying to change the dynamic of women empowerment.



The government has allotted. 76800 crore for the welfare of SC/ST community. The BJP government knows it very well that the vote share of SC/ST will be a cherry to the cake.

While the Budget 2019 has various other important points, these have been praised the most. They have managed to target almost all sections of the society and maybe that’s why the budget has been received so well. The BJP vote bank is happier for they know Modi Ji and Amit Shah have a lot more in store for the final election overs. The Opposition is blank for there is nothing in the budget that can be challenged. A very well analyzed Budget, it will prove to be a winning asset for the BJP government. Twitter has been flooded with #ModiWithMiddleClass, #56InchRocks, #ModiJiPhirSe and many more. Even political analysts ended up agreeing that when it’s Modi in the race, he’ll always have that final secret gear to accelerate the speed of his political party. Let’s see how soon and swiftly he reaches the finish line after this Budget announcement.

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