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7 things you missed at Sanatkada festival 2018


Sanatkada festival, well that’s no regular festival that we celebrate on a certain occasion. By that, I really mean everything I said in the first place. Thousands of people from across the country as well as the globe embraced the brilliant events I’m about to enlist, wish everyone reading this would’ve had the same chances:

The setting at Sanatkada


An evening worth beholding is what this festival is all about. The moment you enter the jaw dropping classy edifice, you’ll definitely see the walls humming “all eyes on me”

Stage on fire


Apart from the dazzling lights and eye-popping high-profile faces, the center stage was the talk for days, highly talented artists performing plays, poetry and many other art forms seriously lit the stage on fire.

What to choose?


Ever had a shopping phobia where you weren’t able to choose one because all were the best, guess what you missed that awesome chance again as different types of fabrics were the sensation for the women.

Need an antacid


Too much food can get you in trouble but what if you’re surrounded by one of the best dishes to choose from? From the mouth-watering burgers and rolls to the blissful desserts, the palate’s all set.

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Page crisis

7 things you missed at Sanatkada festival 2018 • Wordhazard • Sanatkada 1

Book lovers had their fair share of fun as a thousand pages came to life, each telling their own tale.

Movie time


Generally movie screenings are a normal-ish sort of event, but this stereotype broke this year when the movie festival fused all the different talents from across the globe and gave a plethora of ideas on movie making.

Bricks never die

They say a human body rests in peace after the life’s eternal journey, but a mansion never sees the light of one such day. The Salem house right next to the festival ground speaks for itself, those big halls and high ceilings furnished with a nice hunt, scream their tale only heard by the ones who pass by.

Anyway, not everyone gets that chance to have all the good things wrapped in a bunch to savour for a lifetime. No worries if you’ve missed these tastier events. Fret not, you’ll get that chance again. See you next year Lucknow!

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