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Top 8 Inventions Listed by Time Magazine You Must Know


With the growing field of science and technology, our lives have become easier. There are such stupendous types of equipment invented that have made the world a better and smarter place to live in. Every year, Time Magazine features the best and unique inventions helping them gain global recognition. Some of the best inventions featured in Time Magazine are listed below:-



He is the first family robot (Jibo refers to himself as ‘he’). He can giggle and swivel can be an educator as well as an entertainer. With a 5 inch touchscreen, six microphones and two cameras, he can be called the cutest robot. He is unable to play YouTube videos or music but is able to recognize faces and greets people as soon as he sees them. Just say, “Hey Jibo” and it will be fun.

Nike Pro Hijab:


A great initiative by Nike. This empowered a lot of Muslim women, especially the athletes. Nike introduced it in the market saying “Made with sweat-wicking, fully opaque mesh to help keep your head and neck dry, comfortable and covered during training or competition”. It received a lot of positive response on social media.

eSight 3:


Worth $9,995, this device has given hope to many legally blinded people. It is cheaper than the company’s earlier iterations. A touch-sensitive directional button makes it more convenient. According to the company’s estimates, it has been used by 1000 patients. It records HD videos and uses magnification allowing blind people to take part in a number of activities.

Carry On Closet:


This one is sure to make a peripatetic fall in love with it. Not just peripatetic but each one of us is gonna love it cause it makes packing and unpacking so much easier. This suitcase comes with a closet. It has six shelves with extra side pockets for cables and small items. So keeping things organized has become a lot easier.

Seabin V5 Hybrid:


With Pollution at its peak devices like these can be of great help. It is like a floating trash can for oceans collecting billion tons of trash. Mentioned in the ‘Honorable Mention’ category in the magazine this thing uses a pump to suck in the garbage and release clean water. It has been ordered by about 70 countries.

My Special Aflac Duck:


Made to help comfort children diagnosed with cancer this duck can do anything from singing, dancing to cuddling. It comes with a special port just like these children have and they can tap tags of different emojis on it to express how they are feeling. It is a kid-friendly tool. Children can give duck chemotherapy. This is a great initiative by Aflac Chairman and CEO Dan Amos.



Tired of his tools falling, again and again, Tom Burden decided to invent a grypmat. After working for two and a half years it came into existence. A grypmat sure defies gravity. It has no magnets attached yet, neither the grypmat nor the tools fall off the surface it is kept on. It comes in a pack of a trio that is, small, medium and large-sized grypmats. It is a flexible, non-slip tool tray capable of holding tools at extreme angles.

Made In Universal Lid:


Tired of searching lid in the cabinets? Well, this single lid can be a solution to all your problems. Designed by the cookware brand Made In, this lid fits almost all the pots. It took the company a year to come up with it and according to them “a lot of thought and consideration went into getting it right.”

Such cool and creative inventions are worth getting featured in such a prestigious magazine. This helps them gain global recognition too and make the efforts of the people behind these projects worth it.

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