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Travel bucket-list goals: How I found my true love in traveling!


The world is full of magic; we just need to travel on the right roads to find them.


Roads stretched to infinite, drifting skies, to gentle yet roaring winds and to the contentment of the soul are the reasons why we are always ready to pack our bags and escape the lifestyle that sometimes in the loneliness of night and crowd of the metro, feels a burden. I am a kind of species that love to stay indoor, indulge in a novel under a blanket, too afraid to step out in the real world, but it just took a man, his bike and his passion for long rides to make me a traveler.

Why you should make a travel bucket-list and stick to it?


To re-live the childhood that has been snatched from us:


Clear skies, millions of stars to sleep under, a peaceful walk with your favorite human, the melody of birds, raw nature, a much-needed break from tall buildings surrounding us; a break from the fast life, responsibilities, deadlines. Sounds like an impossibility? Trust me; a paradise is awaiting you, all you need is to trust the roads.

A treat for your taste-buds is a must in food/travelbucket-list:


We all aware of our favourite restaurants in towns, have memorized the menu and the prices but doesn’t the foodie inside you poke you for new dishes and new taste? Every city has its own special cuisine and species, and these blends taste like heaven. Sometimes, I can still feel the taste of the pakordas and parthas I once had in mountains and for few seconds loss myself in the aroma only to come back to reality, but this time happier. Don’t let the foodie inside you starve to death.


I could make you count thousands of reasons to travel, but I am not here to advertise a travel package. It’s from a friend to a friend, “Travel to rejuvenate your soul. Travel to breathe life.


She is the peace of our chaos. Avy’s trails always leads to home.

Beautiful images by Vatan Gurung

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