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URI, the upcoming blockbuster!!

URI, the upcoming blockbuster!! • Wordhazard • Uri 1

11th January 2019 will mark the release of another phenomenal movie URI. Based on true events, the upcoming military action flick will be the first major work for the debuting director Aditya Dhar. The official movie trailer saw it’s genesis on YouTube 12 hours ago and believe me, folks, this one packs quite a serious punch.

With a promising trailer URI has got the attention it deserves, let’s take a closer look at what this movie has the hardcore military action fans to offer:-

Genuine action in Uri:-


Even before the trailer came, the short teaser for the movie laid down the foundation for a serious action movie. Apart from the explosive one-liners, the trailer offers some intense firefights, explosions, and total battlefield chaos.

The Cast:-


The trailer showcases some brilliantly written characters who pack a punch. From the male leads like Vicky Kaushal and Paresh Rawal to the female leads like Yami Gautam and Kirti Kulhari, everyone in the trailer seems to be doing justice to the desired role.

The Cinematography:-


From the opening shot of a flying helicopter to the tense action sequences, the trailer offers a fresh and a newer perspective to the already clichéd Bollywood camera angles. Let’s hope the final product of this project blasts out everyone with stunning visuals.

The Story:-

Being based on true events, the movie showcases the September 2016 surgical strikes carried out by Para SF of the Indian Army. On it’s official Wikipedia page it says “the movie is all about what happened in those 11 days”. Looks very promising.

In short, the trailer is surely a stunning example of out of the box cinematography, stunning firefights and a grounded story with brilliantly written characters. Can’t say much about the non-military nerds but I bet even their eyes might have been invited for a visual and sound feast. URI in my view is a promising movie which is purely the outcome of its groundbreaking story and a talented cast. And yes being a military nerd I wouldn’t miss this one, and to quote the drill instructors and other officers from the real military “How’s the josh?”

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