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A hard learned lesson from Virat Kohli: Being fit is one the reasons behind the success.


VIRAT KOHLI surpassed SACHIN TENDULKAR‘S tally points of 887 by reaching 889. VIRAT KOHLI with his recent double century in Nagpur has become the only captain in the world with 10 centuries in a calendar year, leaving behind the record of Ricky Ponting.

VIRAT KOHLI reclaimed the no.1 spot in the latest ICC ranking for ODI batsmen. He became the fastest to score 9000 runs in ODI cricket. Currently, he is second on the list of most ODI runs. His power-packed performances in all the three formats of the game helped him win many records in his kitty.
Wonder what is the secret?? Don’t worry; it’s revealed here!
Apparently, many records holder’s as well as many records breaker’s secret lies in absolute strict diet and exercise regimen.
Exercise, exercise, and exercise!! It is something by which everyone must swear by. He exercises every day for two hours and five days a week. Great isn’t it?
But a good workout without a good diet is worthless;Virat greatly pays attention that he eats proper, hygienic, nutritious food.
Here are few points which he keeps in mind and advice others too.
Eat more and more home cooked food with your heart’s content. You know that it doesn’t contain any preservative or fats that will hamper your fitness or health.


Avoid junk food wherever possible, or in other words, limit the intake.
Replace all the foods with organic and healthier foods. Switching to a sandwich, instead of a burger is not a bad idea, though!!(if subsiding hunger prank is the reason).
Cheat (but not in tests), having a cheat day in a week or month doesn’t do any worse, but remember not to overeat.
Go light at dinner time; take carbs from good sources. Gorge on some soups, salads, lightly salted vegetables.
Do not resist yourself; eat and explore different delicacies. But you should know where to stop.

Focus on building your stamina and body strength while exercising and not losing weight.
Make Rest as your key ingredient of your life. Fitness without rest is worthless.

Swear by protein-rich diet and see the wonders of it.
Get rid of the bad habits of drinking and smoking. Do you know Virat Kohli doesn’t drink or smoke? From his cracking shots on the ground to his swift sprints between the wickets and his sharp focus on the field, there is no doubt that Virat Kohli is one of the fittest cricketers in the world.
Kohli Best shots
Feeling motivated? Get off your bed and get yourself moving!! Be fit. Be hit.

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