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“Texture eloquent bleeding tranquility,
‘Asante’ scriptures artistic reality.”
Ambience connects ‘cuisine’ to ‘design’,
Trope relates ‘socialism scenario’ to ‘realistic adjoin’.

Asante café at essence epicenter of Indira Nagar,New Lucknow is a tribute to the youth society. It is an example of creations, imaginations and innovations brought up by the two young women. The Disney of pattern has some parallel ‘Asante’ here.

Asante’s Antiquity

Asante Cafe
The two worthy best friends “Arpita”(Photographer and documentary head) and “Stuti”(Management and social NGO corporate) are the owners and entrepreneur to such a charming café. At a very young age these two are first women in Lucknow to run this exquisite Cafe.

Significance Of Name

Asante Cafe
Asante is an ‘African’ word meaning ‘Thank You’. It is a tribute to respect every old and new trending art and intimate in its character. ‘Love and survive the real beauty of Asante’s wine to enshrine’

Mouth watering ‘Cuisine’

Asante Cafe
Hazelnut cappuccino to crunchy chilly potatoes enshrine the lush taste. Asante is quite famous for its breakfast dishes that also enroll the flavoured sandwiches and linguistic egg specific cherishing food.’Cafe special burger’ and ‘Mirch Maggi’ are the famous aliment Asante Cherishes.

Thrilling Theme

Asante Cafe
What is nobler than helping to revive the old, gone spirit of the artists, singers, actors??
Asante provides that stage fellas!
They give you a platform, they give you space, so just be yourself. Thinking of spending some “me” time?
Asante wholeheartedly welcomes you. You’ll sense that aura in its air, consequently, you’ll have an irresistible urge to explore that forgotten talent in you.

Spangling Interior

Asante Cafe
The blue sky decoration with the umbrella lights are the glow to the fabulous decor.
As soon as you make yourself comfortable, the captivating designs on the walls portraying different artists from various fields will definitely catch your attention.
Other eye-catching things such as gramma phone, decorative used from recycled products, donated books and games add to its well-planned theme. You’ll also notice bean bags and small tires as seats instead of usual chair system, which also makes it look cool.


Happiness doctor

Asante Cafe
Joy and happiness are integral parts of life. It doubles when you find it in companion like a dog. Asante makes it sure to let him be there every weekend.
He’s always been friendly, playful and mood-boosting. Alone this weekend at home? Come to Asante, play with him. He’ll be your love.

Let’s Wrap up your week and explore Asante. Visit the decency of Lucknow to seize some joy. Invite a treat to friendly Asante.

Written By: Ameesha & Aishwarya on their visit to Asante Cafe

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